Our commitment is simple:
to elevate the delivery process for tHE modern world

At Drone Express, we’re not just pioneers in the field of drone technology – we’re revolutionizing the way goods are delivered, and we’re here to share the future of delivery with you. Our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability has driven us to create a seamless and dynamic drone delivery service that addresses the evolving needs of our modern world. Founded in 2021, our company uses autonomous aircraft to bring safe, reliable,
eco-friendly package delivery to customers worldwide. 

Intelligent drones with Microsoft AI

Drone Express has an exclusive partnership with Microsoft to co-develop in-flight navigation systems using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology and our proprietary mesh networking capabilities will propel our aircraft to the forefront of autonomous airborne logistics. Learn More

Intelligent UAV Technology

Drone Express UAVs are no ordinary drones. They culminate with 36 years of designing and manufacturing secure hardware and embedded software solutions for the U.S. Military. What began as a high-security drone swarm communication system has grown into a highly intelligent aerial navigation platform incorporating advanced autonomous behaviors and robotics. Our drones include a high-computational embedded system-on-module (SOM)
co-processor with GPU that allows it to perform real-time dynamic flight path planning and local and global obstacle avoidance on board and in-flight.


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