local delivery
at the speed of Now

Revolutionizing the local shopping experience: what you want, when you want it.


Let us deliver for you. Expand your business’s customer reach, improve operational efficiency, and innovate your brand with us.


Experience the effortless way to order from a variety of merchants,
all delivered by our quick and
eco-friendly drones. 


Fly for us! Become a drone delivery service provider and be part of the future of growing demand for delivery services. Run your own business with
flexible work hours.

Low on baby formula or diapers? Use our DE App for 15-minute delivery.         Need OTC meds to treat a cold? Our FlyPass offers unlimited deliveries!         Forget coffee filters? Easy fix. Fast, reliable delivery right to your door         Need pet food? A 5lb bag is on the way!         Hungry for ice cream? Place an order on our app and have it delivered in 15 minutes (with no melting!)

The Future of Convenience

Download our DE App and sign up for our FlyPass with unlimited drone deliveries! This innovative app offers convenience at your fingertips, revolutionizing how you order same day local delivery with efficiency, speed, and cutting-edge technology.

    Delivery at your fingertips
    Day or night

    From order to airborne delivery, witness how our DE App brings convenience and efficiency straight to your doorstep. Sit back, watch, and envision the incredible possibilities of retail logistics with us!

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    Air travel is the safest form of transportation, and it's important to us to keep it that way...

    Drone Express has secured a limited spot to obtain a Part 135 Domestic Air Carrier Certificate, which is necessary to conduct BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) airborne cargo delivery for compensation in the United States. Additionally, we have earned a position in the FAA’s Aircraft Airworthiness program. It is important to note that the FAA has stopped accepting applications for these programs, which means that Drone Express is one of only five companies that have the capability to autonomously transport air cargo in the United States.

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